10 More Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

Here are the first 10 ways, in case you missed them!

1. If you’re not really keen on working out, ahem, ‘movement,’ then find an athletic goal. Training for a half-marathon might motivate you more than trying to fit into your skinny jeans.

2. Or at least ditch your car whenever possible. Walk or bike to work. If that’s not possible, at least park a few blocks away as often as possible. After work, take the long way around to get back to it. Drive to a beautiful park on your way home and take a few laps. Park in the far reaches of the mall parking lot and before you hit the sales, take a few fast laps. There are a million ways you can increase the amount of movement in your life. Get a pedometer and measure — 10,000 steps per day is to maintain your weight. More than that if you’re trying to lose.

3.Eat soup for dinner two nights a week. But not the cream-based ones. Load it up with veggies and eat as much as you want!

4. And speaking of veggies, eat more of them. They’re nutritionally dense, but calorie light. Aim for two-thirds of your plate at every meal.

5. Quit dieting. Instead, make a lifestyle change. Use these tips. Become a more mindful eater. Educate yourself about nutrition. Try a new vegetable. Eating shouldn’t be a burden or something to fear. Nor should it make you feel bad about yourself. That’s what you have teenagers and Martha Stewart for.

6. Snack on a handful of nuts. Studies have shown that even though nuts are high in calories, people still lost weight if they ate them over other snacks.

7. Work standing up. You’ll burn more calories than sitting and your posture will probably improve too. Either find a sturdy box to set your computer on or buy a treadmill desk. I have one which I’ll talk about soon. I won’t keep you in suspense … I love it!

8. If you delete one snack vice, delete potato chips. They’re Bad Snack Number One on the list of stuff that packs on the pounds. They are my number one nemesis.

9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Eat breakfast.” Breakfast eaters are slimmer. Veggie omelettes, yogurt (watch the sugar!), oatmeal, whole grain toast, hard-boiled egg, smoothies … there are a million quick and easy choices. (If you haven’t yet downloaded my free 400-calorie menus, do it now!)

10. If mindless snacking is your bug-a-boo, then decide ahead of time what and when you’ll eat for the day. After you eat, be sure to brush and floss. Stay minty fresh and snack-free!

And a bonus … Get your mind off food. Do something creative. You can’t eat and knit at the same time. But if you can, I want to see video.

Which of these will you try? Which wouldn’t work for you in a gazillion years?


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