Free Stuff

400-Calorie Menu Pages

Seven pages of 400-calorie meals — almost 200 menus to choose from. Everything from smoothies, eggs, dinner menus, roll-ups, sandwiches, salads, fast food, “Extra Lazy” meals … and much more!

Choose the meals you want to eat for the week and don’t think about them again … at least until it’s time to eat!

Plus, there are blank pages for leftovers, 400-calorie meals you create, and an exercise page to keep track of your exercise for the week.

Alphabetical List of Foods & Their Calories

This is stuff I eat and always have in my refrigerator or pantry.  None of these items are difficult to find in a typical grocery store. If you can’t find something, ask your grocer. Most are happy to special order items for you.

Menu Frame Instructions

Here are complete instructions so you can make your own frame to organize and store your weekly 400-calorie meals. You certainly don’t have to, but it helps corral all those little pieces of paper. (Yes, it’s true, I’m a bit OCD.)

Weights and Measures

This is a handy dandy chart to keep track of your progress.