Be Effectively Lazy

I already talked a bit about organization in planning your meals. Be organized about your cooking too. There are so many ways to be effectively lazy!

Don’t make just one meal when you can make a week’s worth. If you’re going to the trouble to dice chicken breast for one recipe, dice up a family pack and separate it into several freezer bags at once. If you’re going to make 2 servings of brown rice, make the entire box. Label and freeze, baby. Label. And. Freeze. You’re going to dirty up pans cooking bacon? Cook 2 or 3 packages and still have the same amount to clean up! Even lazier, buy the microwave bacon.

Require others to work, too. If you cook for your family and they’re not helping, you sit them down and explain the times will be a-changing. We don’t have to pretend to be Donna Reed or Mrs Leave It To Beaver. If your family wants to eat every day, then they must help prepare food. Period. Or at the very least, clean up afterward. Chopping, washing, shopping, cooking — whatever. Seriously, you’re doing your loved ones a disservice if you don’t teach them how to cook and eat properly. It’s not rocket surgery and it’s one of the few skills they need from cradle to grave. (The other skills, in case you were wondering, are reading for pleasure, playing Scrabble, and practicing responsible toilet habits.)

If it’s just you, get others to do your bidding. Have the seafood guy cut your salmon into 4 ounce fillets. Have the butcher slice deli meat in 2 ounce slices, rather than just buying what’s in the tray. You can have someone do your shopping for you. (You’d totally win the Lazy Queen tiara for that!) You can even get someone to calculate and plan menus for you — oh, wait. You’re already doing that.

Even little kids can use the food scale to make 2-ounce snack packs of almonds. It’s not lazy — it’s a math lesson!