How To Make The Frame

Okay, I’ve talked about it enough. Now it’s time for you to join me in LazyLand.

Here is a photo of my Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle frame and menus for a week to show you how to assemble it. See how each menu sticks in the little pocket? And the handwritten ultra-responsible “1 beer” menus?

And did you notice I only have one menu in the Meal One pockets for the week? That’s because I always eat the same thing for breakfast.

This. It covers all my food groups — protein, veggie, fruit, crunchy and bacon.

Basically, you’re joining two regular sized pieces of paper together lengthwise to make one long page. I’m calling that the “frame.” It has days of the week across the top and Meals One, Two, Three and Four down the side. You’ll be printing off different pages and cutting out strips that will become the pockets which will hold each menu. The menus are on separate pages that you will print and cut out to fit in each little pocket. (Oh, I’m exhausted already!)

Here is where my frame lives … gripping the refrigerator with a red heart, a purple arrow and a band-aid. Note the coupons and the Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Cookbook recipe waiting for me to give it culinary wings.

If you have a side-by-side or a mini-fridge, you might want to consider not joining your frame into one long piece so it fits. Or you can keep it in a cabinet. Or tacked on your bulletin board. Whatever works for you.

Some Helpful Advice When Making Your Frame

Use thin beads of glue so your menus slip easily into the pockets on the frame. Sometimes using a fat glue stick gives you a wider glued margin than you’d like. Of course, it’s no big deal if you didn’t do it quite right — just print out a new copy. No harm, no foul!

You’ll have waaaay more menus than you have pockets so you’ll need a place to keep them. You might want to make another frame to hold your extra menus. You could simply glue more pockets on the back of the frame you just made.

That’s what I do.

You could use a separate piece of blank copy paper and glue more pockets on.

Whichever you choose, you’ll probably want to label your pockets however makes sense for you. I labeled my extra pockets so I’m not always searching for ideas.

Of course you could also keep the menus not in use for the current week in a rubber-banded bunch. That’s perfectly fine, but it wouldn’t be my choice because I wouldn’t want to wade through them all every week when I sat down to choose what I’d be eating next week.

You can also make your frame match your décor by using colored paper for the frame and contrasting colors for the pockets. You can have your kids decorate the pockets for you. You can fingerpaint it! Use glitter! Bedazzle it with jewels!

Or not. Although if you do make it fancy I will totally showcase it here. Swear! Just email a jpeg photo of it to me at Becky (at) LazyLowCalLifestyle (dot) com. Maybe I’ll have a contest.

You could also make four frames and pre-load each with menus. That way you’d have a month’s worth of food plans and you REALLY wouldn’t need to think much! Because honestly, don’t we eat the same things most of the time?