400 Calorie Meal Menu Pages

If you haven’t done so yet, join the mailing list so you can download the menu pages and take a look at them. You’ll see that the calorie counts for each meal don’t total exactly 400. That gives a bit of leeway for miscalculating or mismeasuring or a slight difference in the size and variety of, say, apples you’re eating. It’s not an exact science, but I’ve tried to get as close as possible. As close as a lazy lass can get, that is.

I note the brands I use as often as I think it matters. Compare your brands to mine and feel free to add or subtract as necessary from each meal. I use easy-to-find grocery items.

Sometimes I discover new items so I start using them instead. Take frozen waffles for instance. I was eating Van’s which I like perfectly fine and you’ll see in the menus. But then I found GoLean frozen waffles which have fewer calories and also taste great. Same with almond milk. I ditched soy milk when I found almond milk, but you’ll see menus with soy milk.

If something is in ‘Small Caps’ on the menus, that means there is a corresponding recipe for it in the Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle Cookbook. Not all of the cookbook recipes are represented in the menus, mainly because I figured you’d get the 400-calorie idea pretty quickly. The cookbook is easy to mix-and-match to come up with 400-calorie meals because the calorie counts for each recipe are listed in the Table of Contents.

I will periodically publish new menus, new recipes and new cookbooks and if you’re a subscriber to this blog, you’ll hear about them first. (You’ll also hear about any discounts or specials I run on the cookbook(s) and any contests you can enter.)

I’ve categorized the menus in a way that makes sense to me. For instance, if I made a particular recipe for dinner — and no other category fits — then I’ve probably quite cleverly labeled it “Dinner.” Feel free to eat it any time of the day, but it gives you an idea that there might be cooking involved. In the same way you may certainly eat a “Sandwich” or “Eggs” or “Cereal” for dinner.

Unless it says differently, each menu item referring to a recipe is one serving.

Again, let me say making substitutions to the menus is perfectly fine. That’s why I created the Alphabetical List of Foods and Their Calories for you to download. If you like walnuts better than almonds, go ahead and switch them. But pay attention … one ounce of walnuts (about 7 whole ones) has 183 calories vs 162 in one ounce of almonds (about 20 whole ones). It’s only a difference of 21 calories, but they add up, so adjust the rest of the menu if you need to.

Same with berries or other fruit. I keep a ton of fruit in my freezer so I always have a variety. If you don’t, though, just substitute what you have on hand or what you like, again being mindful of the calories in your substitutions.

If you like the yogurt sundae ideas, make a Lazy Assembly Line. Measure all the dry ingredients into appropriately sized containers then all you have to do is grab one, your yogurt and your fruit. Couldn’t be lazier. Of course, you don’t need to cut up your banana, say, and mix it in. You can eat it just like God intended. You know, sitting on a beach in Hawaii.