One Month

You can do anything for four weeks, no prob. Even giving up your daily diet soda! (Don’t get me started … that stuff is killing you!) Plus, people who study human behavior say it takes 30 days to learn (or unlearn) a certain behavior. So, promise yourself to live and breathe the Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle for 30 days — no cheating, no excuses — to develop new good habits and maybe a new way of looking at nutrition and health.

After one month, officially assess your progress by taking your measurements again and stepping on that scale. Unofficially, you’ll already know if your clothes are looser and if you have more energy and/or more money in your pocket.

Then test yourself. Without using a measuring cup or spoon, see if you can measure 1 cup of cereal … 2 tablespoons of peanut butter … 4 ounces of wine … 8 ounces of V8 Juice … 2 ounces of whole almonds … 1 teaspoon of olive oil … 1/4C of shredded cheese.

If you can do that consistently without going over your measurements, then you know you’ve internalized portion control.

If you use “cheats” like I do — knowing that my ladle is exactly one cup and my small juice glass is 4 ounces and such — that’s fine. As long as you remember to use them and don’t replace them with a new set!

If you can’t do it, then you simply need more practice. Not a problem. It might also mean you’re not paying attention like you should. Everything you put in your mouth is a choice. Think about it ahead of time and really make that choice in a mindful, fully present state.

Try another 30 days in a more watchful state and I bet you’ll get it perfectly.