A Little Extra Work One Day

… Will Make Things Easier The Rest Of The Week, And Other Things You Know Are True But Hate To Admit

If you spend a little extra time preparing your food on Saturday, things will go smoother Sunday – Friday. Swear.

Chop your bell peppers and onions ahead of time. Grind your almonds. Grill a bunch of chicken breasts, dice ‘em up and place in freezer bags. Not only will you have ingredients at the ready when you need them, you won’t get your knives, cutting boards, and pans dirty every time.

You also won’t have to run to the grocery fourteen times a day. If you do what I’ll teach you, you’ll only go to the store once a week. And that, my friend, will save your money as well as your waistline.

So really, this Lazy Low Cal Lifestyle is a time management tool, a money management tool, AND a food management tool.

Stick with me, kid. I got your back.