Too Much Information

In the past I’ve suffered from debilitating gas pains. Can’t-stand-up-straight pain. I’ve had three kids — I know pain. But this is worse. Intense pain squeezing the area from my knobby little knees all the way up to my pointy little ears. If my pain was people, I’d be China. Not from what I ate, but from how I ate. My pain would come when I went too long between meals. And have I mentioned I’m lazy? There were times, overwhelmed by food advice, I’d be too lazy to eat because, really, I’d just choose the wrong thing and gain 4,000 pounds, so why bother?

Yeah, I know.

But when I plan 400-calorie meals through the day, I am pain-free.

Yes, probably too much info. But what can I say … I’m a giver!