Becky I was approached to do an interview that fell through at the last minute. It was an interesting format, not just your regular Q&A, and I spent quite a bit of time preparing for it. So when the mean lady pulled the plug on it, I didn’t want all my work to go to waste.

You know the saying, When life hands you lemons, squeeze them really hard into a tall glass of vodka and make a refreshing beverage? Well, that’s what I did. I turned my notes into four mp3 audio podcasts you can listen to while you sip.

Podcast #1- The Genesis (4:56) The roundabout, slow-and-steady, lazy way I started losing weight.

Podcast #2-Lazy Isn’t A 4-Letter Word (3:42) — How I define lazy and why I’m a loud-and-proud advocate of the L word. And how you can be lazy too.

Podcast #3-The Magic of Portion Control (4:57) — Something truly magic happens when you invite Ms Portion Control into your life. Come … meet her!

Podcast #4- How To Health Up Your Recipes (7:28) — We all have favorite meals. Here’s how you can transform your not-so-healthy recipes into meals you can be proud of.