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Zevia Natural Diet Soda

If you know me at all, you know I’m not a fan of soft drinks. You know, soda. Sodypop. Pop. Fizzy drink. Cool drinks. Gassed drinks. Carbonated drinks. Refrigerantes. Bebidas. Refrescos. (I loves me my Wikipedia!)

Anyway, generally not a fan because they’re laced with all kinds of hard-to-pronounce chemicals, but I’ve recently discovered Zevia Soda. The claims are as they always are … no calories, no effect on blood sugar, no nasty fake sugar, cleans your house and balances your checkbook.

This time I think it might be true. Except for that last part. But perhaps I didn’t buy the right flavor.

When I finally got my hands on one, I saw “erythritol” on the ingredient list which — big surprise — I was not familiar with so I did some checking around. This is what I found …

…. “Erythritol is usually made from plant sugars. Sugar is mixed with water and then fermented with a natural culture into erythritol. It is then filtered, allowed to crystallize, and then dried. The finished product is white granules or powder that resembles sugar.”

…. “It is 60–70% as sweet as table sugar yet it is almost non-caloric, does not affect blood sugar, does not cause tooth decay, and is absorbed by the body, therefore unlikely to cause gastric side effects unlike other sugar alcohols.”

…. “Persons suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive issues should avoid using products containing erythritol. It is possible erythritol can aggravate symptoms in these individuals or cause further problems.”

…. “Erythritol like other polyols is resistant to metabolism by oral bacteria which break down sugars and starches to produce acids which may lead to tooth enamel loss and cavities formation ….The usefulness of polyols, including erythritol, as alternatives to sugars and as part of a comprehensive program including proper dental hygiene has been recognized by the American Dental Association. The FDA has approved the use of a “does not promote tooth decay” health claim in labeling for sugar-free foods that contain erythritol or other polyols.”

So I think, based on everything I’ve read, that if you must have some sort of fizzy sweet beverage, this wouldn’t be a bad brand to use. In moderation, of course, which won’t be too difficult as a 6-pack can run you around $4. I found mine on sale for $2.50, though. So, no, in case you’re wondering, I’m not a paid spokesperson. (But I could be if someone would only ask! Hear that, Dr Zevia?!)

I was interested in finding a good diet soda for two reasons. One, because I know a lot of peeps are addicted to their fizzy drinks so I wanted to help find something better for them. And, two, I wanted to transform — slightly — my evening glass of wine habit. I have a dilemma because one glass of wine isn’t enough, but two is usually too much for me, but I need the benefits of resveratrol. Yeah. That’s it. Benefits. So I thought if I could extend one glass of wine into a larger wine cooler which would last longer, that would be awesome. And it is, kinda. But I have to open a whole can of Zevia, and that’s way more carbonation than I want.

So I still haven’t quite figured that part out, but it does seem that if you crave the occasional soda, this one probably won’t kill you.

Have you ever had Zevia? What do you think? What do you call sweet carbonated beverages? Got a solution to my wine dilemma?

But Seriously, How Much Water Should I Drink?

That’s easy … 64 ounces plus 8 ounces for every soda*, diet soda* or cup of coffee you drink. Every day. You know you’re drinking enough when your urine is colorless.

Let me clarify. The math is easy. Sometimes actually getting it all in is hard. But you must. It’s good and it will help you lose weight. I’ve heard that a successful diet is one-third food, one-third exercise, and one-third water consumption.

Plus, think how much exercise you’ll get running to the bathroom. That’s a win-win.

*Public service announcement — you really must stay away from soda. That stuff’ll kill you. But if you are still drinking the Liquid Death, at least wash it out of your system.

Are you drinking enough water every day? Do you flavor it? With what? (Please don’t say ‘gin.’)