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7 Habits of Successful Losers

I read an article about J. Graham Thomas’ study of over 6,000 people who have maintained a weight loss of one year or more. Ninety percent of them had lost weight in the past but put it all back on.

So how did they keep the weight off this time?

1. Committed to at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise/day

2. Limited TV time to less than 10 hours/week

3. Ate a low-calorie diet with less than 30% calories from fat

4. They stuck to regular eating patterns; not much food variety

5. Ate breakfast every day

6. Avoided emotional eating and fast food

7. Had weekly weigh-ins and tracked calories

No magic bullets and, I’m happy to say, everything I preach here in LazyLand. Except that TV thing … how’s a girl supposed to forget she’s on an elliptical, if she’s not immersed in Liz Lemon’s problems??

 Don’t you just love Liz Lemon?